Laboratorium and Medical Equipments

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ERBA XL 640 (click pic For details)

XL 640 is a fully automated biochemistry analyzer with a throughput of 640 tests per hour. It is a powerful and robust analyzer to keep up with the heavy demands of everyday testing. XL 640 is designed to operate smoothly and to deliver consistent quality reports with a minimal TAT.

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ERBA XL 200 (click pic For details)

 XL 200 is a fully automated, random access and discrete clinical chemistry analyzer that enhances productivity and turnaround time. It has a constant throughput of 200 photometric tests per hour and 400 with ISE (Optional). XL 200 provides accurate and precise results reliably and has been designed for growing and mid-sized laboratories.

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ERBA Chem 7 Semi Auto Photometer(click pic For details)

An advanced and versatile semi automated analyzer for all clinical chemistry, immunoturbidimetric and coagulation tests

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              Erba H 360 (click pic For details)

              • 22 Reportable parameters including P-LCC, P-LCR
              • Electrical impedance method for Cell count
              • Cyanide free reagent for Haemoglobin test
              • 9 µl sample volume
              • Large coloured LCD touch screen of 10.4 inch
              • Throughput 60 samples/ hr
              • 3 counting modes -Whole blood, Capillary and pre-dilution
              • Large storage capacity of 50000 samples


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              ERBA H 560 (click pic For details)

              Complete blood count analyser for mid-size laboratories and those looking to upgrade from 3 part differential system.

              • 26 reportable parameters including P-LCC , P-LCR
              • Three angle laser flow cytometry for WBC count and differential
              • Electrical impedance method for RBC and Platelet enumeration
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              ACON H 360 (click pic For details)

              • Multi-chamber 3 part hematology analyzer with throughput of 60 samples/hr.
              • 21 Parameters including P-LCC & P-LCR
              • 2 –Reagent system (diluent & Lyse) for complete result
              • Innovative sheath flow impedance technology ensuring highest degree of result accuracy
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              Wondfo FIA Meter Plus (click pic For details)

              Wondfo FIA Meter Plus is a fluorescence immunochromatographic analysing system with internal temperature control, which helps diagnose conditions such as infection, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, renal injury and cancers, etc.

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              Mindray BC 3600 (click pic For details)

              CBC+3-DIFF, 21 parameters+3 histograms
              Throughput: 60 samples per hour
              IIntuitive operation system with 10.4" TFT touch screen
              Enhanced performance by proven technologies
              40000 results storage with histograms

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              Mindray BC 5000 (click pic For details)

              WBC 5-part differentiation, 23 reportable parameters, 3 histograms and 3 scattergram

              Whole blood mode, Capillary whole blood mode and Prediluted mode· Tri-angle Laser scatter + Chemical dye + Flow cytometry technology
              Dedicated optical counting channel for Basophil measurement
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              I-Smart 30 PRO(click pic For details)

              Electrolyte Analyzer (K,Na,Cl)

              • All-in-one cartridge system including electrodes, reagents, and all consumable
              • Equipped with 7-inch color touch screen and user-friendly software
              • Accurate sample analysis in 35 seconds just with 60 μL of sample
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              I-Smart 300 BGA (click pic For details) 

              Blood Gas & Electrolyte Analyz e r

              • All-in-one multi-test cartridge system including electrodes, reagents, and all consumables
              • Fast measurement time (50 seconds) and small blood sample volume (100 μL)
              • Built-in battery and light weight is optimized for POC test
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              EKF Quotest Hba1C Analyzer(click pic For details) 

              The   Quo-Test ®   is a  fully automated  desktop point-of-care analyzer designed for easy and reliable HbA1c measurement for the monitoring and  management of diabetes in a point-of-care setting  such as diabetes clinics and doctors’ surgeries.

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              Coadata 4004 (click pic For details)

              Semi-automated 4-channel coagulation analyzer for fast and accurate determination of coagulation, chromogenic and immunturbidimetric assays. Compact in size, easy to operate, this analyzer is the ideal partner for the mid-size coagulation laboratory with slightly increased throughput.

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              Coalab 1000 (click pic For details)

              The CoaLAB 1000 is a compact fully automated clotting, chromogenic and immunturbidimetric coagulation analyzer. It is designed for low and medium volume laboratories or as a reliable backup system in larger labs

              ERBA ECL 105 (click pic For details)

              1 Channel semi-automated coagulometer which performs measurements of all clotting assays as well as D-Dimer. It is ideal for small laboratories. 

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              ERBA ECL 760 (click pic For details)

              Fully Automated Coagulation Analyser Advanced random access system for clotting, immunologic and chromogenic assays for routine and STAT testing.

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              ERBA Laura Smart Urine Analyzer (click pic For details)

              LAURA® Smart is an effective and powerfull solution for the analysis of urine, which is designed for laboratories, ambulances of general practitioners, family doctors or specialists.

              ACON Mission Urine Analyzer (click pic For details)

              The  Mission ®  U120 Urine Analyzer is a great tool to use with the  Mission ®  Urinalysis Reagent Strips.  The analyzer has the capability of running up to 120 tests per hour and to save and recall 2,000 results.

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              Blood Glucose Monitor ACON On Call Advanced (click pic For details)

              This product also has simple and quick testing procedure which uses only 0.8 μl blood sample that can come from multiple testing sites including fingertip, palm and forearm. It produces accurate results in just 5 seconds.

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              Mindray CL 1200i (click pic For details)

              CL-1200i is a robust and simple-to-use  chemiluminescence analyzer with a throughput of up to 180 tests per hour. Though in a small benchtop package, it has a large onboard capacity of 25 reagents and 60 samples, and supports non-stop refill of samples, reagents and consumables during testing.

              ENDO /  Accumax Micropipette 

              Variants volumes & types available

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              Rapid Test Right Sign (click pic For details)

              Variant Parameters available from Pregnancy Test ,  Tropical Disease (Malaria , Dengue , Ns1 , etc) , Cardiac Marker Test (Troponin I , Ck-Mb, etc) , Infectious Disease (HIV , HbsAg, HcV, HAV, etc) and Many More

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              Rapid Test Right Sign (Drug of Abuse) (click pic For details)

              Trusted and Reliable Drug Test in wide parameters from single drug test to MultiDrugs test (3/5/6 parameters in single Cassette) and Many More



              Variants volumes & types available